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A Season of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Sometimes it seems that “all the news is bad” and it can be a challenge not to get discouraged when looking at the news of the world. At the same time, it’s good to keep a perspective that recognizes the incredible sacrifices and contributions of many who go unrecognized.  During the devasting fires in California, […]

Connecting with Patients Wherever They Are

For many years, a hot topic in healthcare has been the imperative of connecting with patients and family across the continuum of care.  But for a variety of reasons—HIPAA and privacy concerns, lack of technology integration, and market fragmentation—healthcare has been late to the party.  Whereas other industries such as financial services, travel, retail, and […]

There’s Gold in Those Nuggets!

Each year, Interbrand, a research firm, analyzes and reports on the top brands from around the globe. Not surprisingly, Apple, Google and Amazon topped the list in 2018 and there’s no debating that they are truly great brands. But what is it that healthcare organizations have that many big brands don’t?  In the healthcare profession, […]

Finding Purpose—and Meaning—Beyond the Data

“Data, data everywhere, and not a thought to think.” It’s a quote attributed to mathematician John Allen Paulos, an American mathematician born in 1945 and it’s a sentiment that is heard often in healthcare circles as clinicians and administrators bemoan the double-edged sword of having so much data available to them, yet limited time and […]

Helping Staff Experience Joy at Work

Do you experience joy at work?  We know from partnering with thousands of healthcare leaders and front-line staff that many often experience a great sense of joy as part of their working day.    Whether establishing a compassionate connection with patients and families as they navigate a healthcare challenge or helping to support culture change that […]

TruthPoint® and Nurse Consulting Partners Announce New Partnership

TruthPoint and Nurse Consulting Partners (NCP) today announced a new partnership that will help hospitals and health systems meet performance improvement and patient experience goals via the inclusion of TruthPoint’s automated rounding solution.  Seeking to enhance the scope and impact of their consulting services offered in a variety of care settings, NCP consultants will now […]