Learn how this senior living center dramatically improved resident care using concerted efforts and real-time feedback

A Case Study

From independent living and assisted living, to adult day care and skilled nursing care for short and long term stays, the Ebenezer Ridges Campus has everything seniors need to make their living situations more independent, healthful, and meaningful. Part of Fairview Health Services, Ebenezer has 47 locations that span a 200 mile geography within the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Ebenezer Ridges has always put the care and needs of their residents first. To better understand the unique needs of each resident they serve, Erin Hilligan, Administrator at Ebenezer, sought to find a solution to collect and receive high-quality, actionable, and timely feedback. Up to that point, Ebenezer had been using paper surveys and an annual electronic survey through a third party research firm to assess their care and services. Using these tactics, Ebenezer was receiving dated feedback from only 10% of their residents and families, which didn’t provide them with insights to improve. This annual survey was being administered in October but the data was not getting back to Ebenezer until February of the following year. “Considering the length of stay it is important that we receive timely feedback”, states Hilligan.

Feeling a bit deflated by the investment the Ebenezer team had put into the survey and the minimal improvement insights obtained, Hilligan and her team were beginning to feel reluctant towards engaging another Patient Experience improvement partner. Their passion to find a solution to help them improve resident care and service enabled them to persevere. Ebenezer knew that they needed a flexible, real-time feedback tool to ensure residents were receiving the best possible care and service. As luck would have it, Hilligan “stumbled” upon a real-time solution being used in a local emergency department, which led their team to TruthPoint.

The TruthPoint solution allows Ebenezer Ridges to obtain targeted real-time feedback in areas that are most important to their residents. This feedback increases staff awareness of resident perceptions of care and service. In some cases, staff are surprised by the results and learn that resident perceptions don’t always align with those of the care team. The team at Ebenezer quickly learned that using real-time insights can help change behavior and hardwire improvement efforts. When they first implemented TruthPoint, two questions focused on an area in which they seemingly excelled. They simply asked their long term care residents if they felt they were able to get out of bed when they wanted and if they had a choice on their bathing time. Expecting triumphantly high scores, Hilligan and her team were shocked to see the results. 70% of all long term care residents responded that they did not have a choice in when they were able to get up or bathe.

Focused interventionsQuick to remedy this situation, care team members put in extra work to make sure that residents knew they had a choice. After putting in place remedies, their focused interventions yielded a 37% improvement in 2 months’ time. Within 6 months, they reached their goal of 100% of residents stating that they did feel as though they had a choice of when they could bathe and when they were able to get up. Focused interventions supported by real-time feedback was key to improved resident care and service.

Because TruthPoint is a flexible tool, Ebenezer has routinely changed focus of the feedback to empower a number of other improvement initiatives. For example, they learned in the Transitional Care Unit that patients and their families were feeling rushed during the admission process. They also identified and improved food service because of real-time resident feedback. With more food options available, resident satisfaction is improving.

Hilligan references the timely and personalized reporting as one of best features of TruthPoint. “We actively use real-time feedback to recognize great care and identify opportunities for improvement. We make it a point to share resident feedback with everyone and use the monthly graphic trends at our customer satisfaction council to celebrate successes and target future improvement opportunities.” says Hilligan. “We have also been able to use the positive feedback we receive from TruthPoint in our Champions of Care program. Staff are recognized in a newsletter, receive a care pin and money is donated to the foundation in their name. We would not have been able to get this information without TruthPoint.”

“Using the real-time feedback for service intervention is another key feature. TruthPoint automatically alerts various team members by email if care or service is sub-optimal or if they need immediate attention. Collecting feedback alone isn’t enough, we need to be able to respond to needs when they arise. TruthPoint provides us with the means to respond and I am able to hold my staff accountable until the issue is resolved.” noted Hilligan.

It has been two years since Ebenezer started using TruthPoint and due to their improved results ease of use and low-cost have expanded their use of TruthPoint to all of their Long-Term Care and Transitional Care Units across the Ebenezer system. In addition, TruthPoint is now being used to improve care and service in the Ebenezer assisted living and independent housing facilities as well.


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