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Ask. Listen. Get better. It’s not just in our name, it’s how we help our clients improve patient experience, quality, safety, and overall health system performance. Through our suite of solutions we combine industry-leading performance improvement coach advisors with cutting-edge technology to ensure you not only get the solution to capture feedback – but also the know-how to turn insights into action. At TruthPoint, our mission is to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.


Provides a convenient, yet powerful, means of capturing the voice of the patient, real-time, and turning that feedback into insights for improvement.


This versatile rounding platform provides additional functionality to empower leaders and teams to efficiently conduct all types of rounding and audits while easily integrating into both current and next-generation EMR or other HIT system. RapidRoundsPlus provides the ability to schedule rounds and create, view, and close out service requests. With a focus on accountability, views are customized to optimize efficiency and eliminate redundant data.

Insight E-Assessment

Measures the pulse of patient satisfaction and staff engagement outside the scope of traditional rounding—from the clinic to the patient home with both text message and email assessment options. Leverage both custom and time-tested survey questions, combined with powerful reporting, to glean actionable insights from any outpatient setting

CoachAdvisor™ Services

When combined with our technology solutions, our performance improvement coaches provide the personalized support needed to reach your performance improvement potential faster and more easily. Coaches develop a deep understanding of your needs and work with your improvement teams to develop and implement plans to drive desired results. TruthPoint Coaches are highly experienced healthcare executives averaging over 20 years’ leadership in clinical, administrative, and patient experience positions.

OnPurpose Reporting™

OnPurpose Reporting provides the right information, in the right format, at the right time to each stakeholder. By harnessing the power of timely, relevant, and personal feedback, hospitals can realize outcome objectives for inpatient units, primary care, hospital based specialty care, long-term care, and across the continuum of care. Our rounding dashboard provides real-time access to facilitate accountability for rounding and responding to service items to help ensure that today’s work is done today and the needs of patients and their families are met in a timely manner.

Care Settings We Serve:

Inpatient Care

Inpatient: Medical, Surgical, Intensive Care, Specialty

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient Clinics: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialty Care

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Procedure and Same Day Surgery

Procedure, Same Day Surgery

Support Services

Support Services: Radiology, Lab, Rehabilitation

Home Based Primary Care

Long-term, Senior, Home-based Care

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