Insight eAssessment™

Patient and Staff Feedback Made Easy

With the delivery of care moving outside the traditional 4-walls of the hospital, integrated systems are increasing providing care for patients in ambulatory settings. Insight eAssessment provides a platform for you to continue your connection with patients after they’ve left your office, helping you improve care and service and, ultimately, your online reputation. Easy to implement and use, Insight eAssessment gets to work quickly by leveraging time-tested patient and staff assessment questions from our “Best Practice Question Library” and/or tailoring questions to your specific needs.

Want to understand staff and provider engagement and satisfaction? Now with enhanced SMS capabilities, along with e-mail and kiosk-based feedback, Insight eAssessment provides timely and cost-effective tools to monitor and improve employee engagement that help you improve care and reduce costly turnover.

Gain insight and improve:

  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Online reputation and market share
  • Provider-specific patient satisfaction
  • Operational concerns
  • Staff engagement and retention

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Care Settings We Serve:

Inpatient Care

Inpatient: Medical, Surgical, Intensive Care, Specialty

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient Clinics: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialty Care

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Procedure and Same Day Surgery

Procedure, Same Day Surgery

Support Services

Support Services: Radiology, Lab, Rehabilitation

Home Based Primary Care

Long-term, Senior, Home-based Care

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