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With all the features and benefits of RapidRounds, RapidRoundsPlus adds intuitive features that empower leaders and teams to efficiently schedule, conduct, and monitor rounding activities while saving time by easily integrating into day-to-day care delivery.

RapidRoundsPlus is a highly flexible productivity and performance excellence solution that integrates with your EMR to schedule, track, and manage all types of rounds and automate follow-up activities. With advanced workflow rules and comprehensive reporting capabilities, you save time, improve accountability, and get results from all your rounding initiatives.


Oversee To-Dos and patient requests across units


Monitor and complete rounds in real-time


Customize Quick View Stats


Recognize top performers


Personalize reporting for each user


Observe round completion by unit or individual

RapidRoundsPlus Features:

HIPAA-Compliant Automated Rounding

Save time by replacing outdated log sheets with customized, secure rounding technology including optional HL7 EMR integration and connections to other operational systems

Monitor and Complete Rounds in Real-time
Save time as each user has a pre-configured user role and access to what is important to them. Do today’s work today

Flexible Round Scheduling
Based on length of stay, specific beds, individual staff members, calendar, location, or other considerations, assign to the individual or team accountable for conducting each type of round

Built-in Service Alerts and Task Management
Automatically send service alerts directly to responsible departments with advanced workflow rules to enable rapid response and real-time visibility

Customized Reports
Immediately receive rounding reports to identify communication gaps, promote accountability and recognize nursing excellence

Versatile Mobile Platform

Enable system-wide rounding access on any mobile device including Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android

World Class Coaching Guidance and Support

Drive accelerated team performance with flexible, industry-leading coaching and tools at no extra cost.

Care Settings We Serve:

Inpatient Care

Inpatient: Medical, Surgical, Intensive Care, Specialty

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient Clinics: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialty Care

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Procedure and Same Day Surgery

Procedure, Same Day Surgery

Support Services

Support Services: Radiology, Lab, Rehabilitation

Home Based Primary Care

Long-term, Senior, Home-based Care

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