Sometimes it seems that “all the news is bad” and it can be a challenge not to get discouraged when looking at the news of the world.

At the same time, it’s good to keep a perspective that recognizes the incredible sacrifices and contributions of many who go unrecognized.  During the devasting fires in California, countless firefighters and first responders ran toward the flames in the hopes of saving lives while being prepared to sacrifice their own.  Volunteers and neighbors stepped up by the thousands to assist however they could.  Responding to recent acts of violence, there were those who, in the face of extreme danger, were willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.  Additionally, doctors and nurses came forward to care for the injured—understanding only that their job was to provide lifesaving treatment.

During the Holiday season, we also recognize small acts of selflessness—those acts which can give a profound feeling of care and comfort to those who are suffering.  At this time of year, we often see staffing shortages which requires all levels of contributions from doctors, nurses, technicians, food and environmental services, and more—put in extra shifts away from family and loved ones—to assure that those people in our care receive the optimal levels of services.

Although we can acknowledge living in challenging times, it helps to take just a moment to extend thanks and gratitude to those who are responsible for our safety and our care.

Happy Holidays.