For many years, a hot topic in healthcare has been the imperative of connecting with patients and family across the continuum of care.  But for a variety of reasons—HIPAA and privacy concerns, lack of technology integration, and market fragmentation—healthcare has been late to the party.  Whereas other industries such as financial services, travel, retail, and even fast food have made great strides in meeting their customers where they are, it has been a struggle for healthcare—until now.

Current trends in healthcare are resoundingly clear—more and more care will be delivered outside the traditional four walls of the hospital—with additional emphasis placed on meeting the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer.  At the same time, financial and market pressures are leading hospitals to pay closer attention to patient engagement and experience while also creating and enhancing their reputation for quality outcomes.

These combined factors indicate that hospitals will gain or lose market share and competitive advantage based on patient perceptions of their care and experience.  A key element of enhancing these perceptions is consistency and quality of personal and digital communications—across all platforms and devices.

TruthPoint partners with healthcare systems to implement and support a customized and economical digital rounding solution to provide an enhanced platform for patient-provider communications across the continuum.  Supplementing our full-featured rounding program for the inpatient environment, TruthPoint provides clients “Insight eAssessment,” an outpatient point-of-care, SMS and email assessment/survey of patients.  Coupled with a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform, this solution allows for health systems to seamlessly continue the connection with patients—helping to improve care and service while also meeting the needs and expectations of today’s healthcare consumer.

Highlighted by a decade of service exclusively focused on healthcare providers, TruthPoint has been recognized by KLAS Research as having the highest rating of all “digital rounding” providers and as an established leader in the delivery of innovative real-time rounding and feedback solutions.   With providers facing a growing emphasis on cost reduction and fiscal health, TruthPoint provides an affordable solution—across the care continuum.

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