TruthPoint’s performance improvement coaches work with hospitals and health systems around the nation to help them make improvements in metrics that matter—to them. There is no “single story” illustrate the work we do. Each clinic, team, site and system has a story of their own.

What is consistent, though, is the methodology that we use. It’s a methodology that is built upon proven practices tested in real-world settings over the past decade and informed by the experience that each of our coaches brings to every one of their client engagements.

One commonality we’ve found, though, among facilities where significant improvement occurs, is the presence of at least one performance improvement champion—an individual who leads the charge through words and actions to drive significant and meaningful change.

Hugo Martinez is one of these champions. Hugo is the Customer Service Manager at VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System where he—and we—have worked together to make big differences in areas of care and interactions that matter most to patients. What has Hugo done to make a difference?

A number of things:

  • Weekly, biweekly and monthly meetings to ensure alignment with Attributable Effects, Review SHEP/TPT performance, review successes, challenges and obstacles to overcoming those challenges and discussions—and to discuss department/local-specific engagement and performance. These discussions are driven by data—including Kudos Reports—that help to tie measures to mission and ensure that staff and providers understand the impact they make, and that they’re recognized for those impacts.
  • Ongoing reinforcement. Huge sends out emails every day congratulating staff and providers on volume, specific Kudos, and creating friendly competition between departments and locations. It’s a relentless drumbeat to share results and offer reinforcement and encouragement.
  • Engagement by site/location leaders in monthly reviews. Hugo is an exemplary example of a strong performance improvement champion, but he knows he can’t do it alone. He engages health system leaders in the process to build momentum and boost engagement
  • A non-biased methodology for collecting real-time inputs from patients, family members and others and, most importantly, taking action on those inputs!
  • Building a strong and collaborative partnership with his TruthPoint performance improvement coach. It’s a relationship that drives results. Technology lays the foundation, but people make the difference.

Through Hugo’s efforts, and the efforts of his team members at VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System, significant improvements have been made in a number of areas of critical importance to patients.

Is there a difference maker in your health system ready to drive results in engagement, quality, safety and bottom line performance? Let’s talk!