“Data, data everywhere, and not a thought to think.”

It’s a quote attributed to mathematician John Allen Paulos, an American mathematician born in 1945 and it’s a sentiment that is heard often in healthcare circles as clinicians and administrators bemoan the double-edged sword of having so much data available to them, yet limited time and tools to make sense of all of the “Big Data.”

It’s a Big Data World

Even in popular media, on television, in magazines and, of course, on the internet and through social media, we’re bombarded with examples and exhortations of how data needs to be conquered or mastered. We live in a Big Data world where virtually every day we hear another story or example about how data is driving decisions and innovations in increasingly new and, often mind-boggling ways—connected cars, IBM’s Watson, the Internet of Things and, of course, EMRs and the constant quest for interoperability.

Humans require simplicity, especially in healthcare—an industry increasingly defined by complexity.   When people are taking on the role of caring for patients in challenging situations, managing data is generally the furthest thing from their minds.

Nurses and healthcare professionals are faced with increasing complexity in nearly everything they do when ultimately, they yearn to simply get the job done; and do the noble work of providing compassionate care for patients.  That’s where TruthPoint comes in.

Simplifying the Data in Real Time

At TruthPoint we’ve built our company and our product architecture to make it possible for key stakeholders to receive the right content, in the right format, at the right time—precisely when and where they need it. We keep it simple because we know that, in healthcare, your staff members are increasingly bogged down by complexity.

Data matters, but when wasting time in accessing or understanding data gets in the way of patient care, that’s a problem.

The way TruthPoint captures real-time feedback (data)—from patients, families and staff members—means that you’ll have the precise information and knowledge you need to accelerate your patient experience and quality outcomes goals.

At TruthPoint we keep it simple, so you can focus on what really matters—your patients. Yes, data matters. But people matter more. After all, it’s more that the questions you ask, it what you do with the answers. Let us help you put those answers to work. The power of people, yours and ours, can make the difference.