It can be challenging to maintain a focus on the many things we are grateful for, especially after getting back to work after a long, busy holiday season We so quickly fall back into the rapid-fire of day-to-day responsibilities. However, those of us in healthcare can continue to be grateful for the beneficial interdependencies we have as we dedicate ourselves to the care of patients and their families, and hopeful as we look forward to a new year.

We are grateful for all those we partner with and look forward to forging new relationships in 2017.

We are grateful for the frontline staff, clinicians, and leaders who, when working together in an environment characterized by a strong culture, provide the type of quality care and patient experience that makes us proud to serve in this profession. We look forward to continued focus on the patient experience in 2017 and achieving increasingly high quality outcomes.

We are grateful for passionate advocates like Allison Chrestensen, Project Coordinator at Duke University Health System; Tiffany Christensen, Performance Improvement Specialist, NC Quality Center; and Tanya Lord, PhD, MPH, Director of Patient and Family Engagement, Foundation for Healthy Communities, who presented at the recent Beryl Webinar: Innovative Approaches to Measuring Patient and Family Engagement. We appreciate the efforts of these individuals and others who strive to share their experience and expertise so that we may benefit from their collective knowledge. We look forward to their contributions in 2017.

We are grateful for our partnership with The Beryl Institute, which works tirelessly to provide a platform for the development of a global community characterized by the open exchange of ideas all geared to improving the care experience for patients and the people who strive every day to serve them. We look forward to more collaboration this year as we strive to ask, listen and get better.

As members of the healthcare community, we are pleased to dedicate ourselves to helping healthcare organizations transform their patient and staff voices into actionable data with real-time rounding and feedback technology coupled with our committed staff of performance improvement coaches.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discover how we might accelerate your specific performance improvement objectives, and how effective use of real-time data can efficiently pinpoint opportunities and help you deploy resources needed for improvement.

As you look ahead to the promise of a new year, what will your focus be in 2017? We’d love to hear from you!