by Tim Travis, President and Co-Founder, TruthPoint

Ask. Listen. Get Better. It’s a philosophy that is foundational to the work we do at TruthPoint. When we listen, we learn. For us, that means staying attuned to the issues that impact healthcare leaders. Just as it’s gratifying for them to find that listening to patients and family members has aided them in improving staff and patient engagement and experience, it’s gratifying for us to find third party support for the principles and practices that shape what we do.

In reading the HealthLeaders Media report “Patient Experience Excellence: Transforming Culture Across the Continuum,” based on healthcare executives’ responses to the 2016 HealthLeaders Media Patient Experience Survey, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the top patient experience improvement areas that healthcare executives will focus on over the next three years are directly aligned with the work we do at TruthPoint: identifying concerns while patients are still on-site (58%), increased rounding (51%) and staff-patient communications training (48%).

Not only do our patients and their families deserve an exceptional patient experience—increasingly they demand it. Healthcare consumerism, driven by technology and patients’ interactions with providers of other types of services—hospitality, retail, banking, etc.—means that their expectations for access, interaction and communication are heightened. The ability to capture patient input, real-time, while still on-site is a must-do. TruthPoint technology makes that a reality. But improvement goes beyond technology. Clinicians and other staff members need to be engaged with patients and their families, and need to be expert communicators. They need to have processes in place to ensure exceptional experiences, every time.

That’s where TruthPoint’s Performance Improvement CoachAdvisors™ come into play. Our coaches work with you to align resources, stakeholders and staff through our Organizational Assessment process. From there, we’ll help identify organizational strengths and areas of opportunity to maximize your improvement efforts and offer insight-driven improvement strategies and ongoing coaching support.

According to the HealthLeaders Media report, that’s exactly what healthcare leaders are looking for today. How our services align with healthcare leaders’ needs:

What Healthcare Leaders Need What TruthPoint Delivers
An improvement in patient satisfaction as measured through HCAHPS scores. HealthLeaders Media survey respondents named this their top area of focus (79%). Our Performance Improvement CoachAdvisors are experts at assessing organizational capabilities and applying the right level of resources to more effectively execute improvement initiatives including: Patient Experience (CAHPS), quality, and safety, leading to improved clinical outcomes, market share, and financial performance.
A reliable means of identifying concerns while patients are still on-site. HealthLeaders Media survey respondents named this their top area of focus for the next three years (58%). Obtaining the voice of the patient is the first step towards patient experience and care quality performance improvement across the care continuum. RapidRounds™ and RapidRoundsPlus™, our IT independent point-of-care patient assessment technologies allow health systems to quickly capture the voice of the patient and turn raw feedback into insight they can use to engage teams and accelerate improvement.
The ability to change organizational culture. HealthLeaders Media survey respondents cited that as their greatest difficult (31%). Performance Improvement CoachAdvisors work directly with your leadership team to identify areas of improvement, develop strategies and implement tactics to produce measurable results.

The area of improvement that respondents feel will have the greatest impact on their improvements: increased rounding (21%)—followed closely by staff-patient communications training (20%) and identifying concerns while patients are still on-site (18%). These areas of focus are at the core of what TruthPoint delivers.

We translate data into insights. These aren’t just words or empty marketing promises; TruthPoint delivers. We’re an established leader in the delivery of innovative real-time rounding and feedback solutions and industry-leading Performance Improvement CoachAdvisors. Read about how we worked with VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health System to strengthen veteran access.