Purposeful rounding is a structured, scheduled and replicable process that has been shown to achieve improvements in patient satisfaction, safety and quality outcomes for many healthcare systems. But, some healthcare systems have also found that going a step beyond purposeful rounding among clinical staff, to include organizational leaders, can achieve even greater results.

Stanford was one of the first to explore the impacts of leadership rounding back in 2012. UCLA was another early adopter. We’re proud to say that TruthPoint has also been part of this initiative through our work with VA hospitals and others.

When leaders round on both patients and staff, they gain insights that they might not, otherwise, have had access to.  By gaining patient and staff voices reflecting issues, concerns and even kudos in real time, performance improvement efforts become more effective and targeted to meeting and accelerating hospital objectives.

In addition, leader rounding leaves a positive impact with patients and family members. The Director and clinical leadership cares enough to come and see me? The Director of Nursing stopped by to ask how I’m doing?

Our clients have seen the impacts which are supported by independent research. In a Beryl survey of 800 US hospital executives, 72% agreed that strong, visible support from the top is a key to improving patient experience.

But it’s not just about “random rounding” – it’s about leadership rounding that is powered by real-time insights from patients and others. Ask. Listen. Get better.