by Tim Travis, President, TruthPoint

Amid all the changes and uncertainty of 2017, we also saw the amazing efforts of healthcare leaders, providers, and first responders around the country who came together to provide care and comfort to people grappling with a staggering number of natural disasters—from hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico to raging wildfires and floods in California. It inspired confidence seeing the extraordinary efforts as they tirelessly sought to ensure continued access to high quality care during disaster—and while dealing with these same impacts on their own families and neighbors.

While we continue to face unexpected priorities for healthcare leaders and clinicians, we can’t take attention away from the other ongoing challenges in the healthcare industry. We are working with our clients to anticipate the impact on the healthcare industry in 2018, particularly as it relates to ongoing efforts to improve quality and safety, staff engagement and the integration of digital technologies to improve the experience of care—all while keeping a responsible eye to manage ever tightening budgets.

Despite the environment of uncertainty, there remains one constant in healthcare—the patient. That’s where TruthPoint’s efforts will continue to be focused in 2018 as we announce a series of product enhancements designed to supplement real-time reporting and anywhere, anytime access to information where it’s needed most.

As we “ask and listen” to patients, providers and healthcare leaders around the country, and work together to help organizations “get better,” we’re continually gratified and humbled by the massive numbers of caregivers who so tirelessly commit themselves to providing the best possible care for their patients and the kindest support for patients’ family members. We learn from all of you, as you learn from your patients. It’s important work and we know it makes a difference.

In 2018, TruthPoint will again be participating in both The Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Conference and AONE’s Annual Meeting. These venues provide us with the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the best minds in the industry and to connect and reconnect with clients and colleagues.

Our passion: helping health systems improve patient experience, quality and overall performance. We’re your strategic partner in exceptional healthcare delivery and we’re excited to continue our work in 2018.