Nurse leaders, healthcare administrators and patient experience professionals were out in full force this year for both the AONE Inspiring Leaders conference and The Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Conference. Having attended both we can attest to the high level of passion and energy that organizers, attendees, exhibitors, speakers and everyone involved brought to these events.

The sessions were invigorating and insightful; exhibitors proudly displayed familiar and new, innovative, service offerings; food and conversation flowed freely. We came away with dozens of new insights and renewed vigor for our work after speaking with fellow patient experience advocates and pioneers.

These annual conferences always provide a great deal of value in terms of the sessions themselves and the knowledge shared by speakers and attendees. But, beyond that, they also help to reconnect us to our purpose and our passion—delivering exceptional patient experiences in an environment that puts the quality and safety of healthcare delivery at the forefront of our work.

At the AONE conference sessions run the gamut from the very administratively practical—like “Finance & Business Skills for Nurse Managers” and “Transforming Practice Using Data Analytics and Informatics”—to the inspirational—like “Share the Work—Discover the Joy” and “Positivity: Broaden and Build Your Way to Resilience.”

At The Beryl Institute’s conference there was a concerted focus on the primary reason we were all in attendance—to support the patient experience. As Stacy Palmer, SVP of The Beryl Institute, wrote in a blog post after the event:  “It was an incredible week offering opportunities for sharing and connection with our community. We learned together, cried together, laughed together and even danced together.”

Most importantly, at both conferences, we came together around a shared passion: a passion for service excellence.

As The Beryl Institute told us in their opening session: “Together, we are growing a global movement. We are impacting countless lives. We are ensuring an unwavering commitment to the human experience.”

And, they suggested the use of a hashtag to help keep the momentum going all year round: #PXTogether.

To all those passionate about the patient experience, let’s make a little noise!