Patient experience is a big buzzword these days, with healthcare facilities of all stripes eager to boost their scores on assessments that may impact not only reimbursement, but also patient—and provider—choices about where to receive care and where to practice.

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers to rapidly, easily and cost-effectively improve care quality, team engagement and patient experience. We don’t just do that through technology, although technology is an important part of the equation. We do it through people.

Arming people with the information they need to succeed in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive healthcare market can help advance our mutual patient experience objectives. Through our blog, we’ll address issues related to:

  • Patient experience
  • Performance improvement
  • Innovative technology
  • Transforming data into action
  • Empowering people

We’ll be posting about twice a month and invite you to join the conversation. We hope you’ll be not only a regular, but an active, reader of our blog. Share your own experiences, ideas, best practices, questions and concerns with us. We’re all in this journey together and it’s a very important one.

Better patient outcomes are good for all of us!

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Rules of Engagement

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a little time to clarify our expectations related to interactions that may take place on (name of blog). It’s simple. We invite readers to exercise the same person-centered focus, professionalism and compassion that they exert with their patients and other customers.

Keep your conversations on track and on topic. This is not a forum for selling products and services. Remember that this is a public forum; do not post any information that is confidential or private, especially patient information.

Posts that do not follow these rules of engagement will be deleted.