Patient Ambassadors: Important Tool in Your Patient Experience Arsenal

Patient Ambassador Programs are popping up across the national healthcare landscape, yet the definition and role—and even the name—of Ambassadors vary widely. Often, they are called navigators or guides. But in their role, they support the goal of putting the needs of patients first. For example, some Ambassadors serve to guide patients and their families through the labyrinth of care and services to treat diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Others serve to welcome and support patients and visitors in Emergency Departments.

Regardless of how you define your Patient Ambassador program, a best practice for Ambassadors to positively impact the care experience is to round on patients and families. In this capacity, Patient Ambassadors identify and help resolve any needs or concerns and capture real-time feedback about the experiences of patients. Used in this way, Patient Ambassador Programs have proven to drive improvement in patient satisfaction measures, reduce complaints, and even improve safety metrics.

Other benefits to incorporating Patient Ambassadors into an organization’s Patient Experience Program include:

  • Helping patients feel welcomed, reducing loneliness, and addressing concerns or fears
  • Meeting patient needs that don’t require a licensed caregiver, thereby freeing up clinician time and ensuring that everyone is working to the top of his or her licensure
  • Alerting caregivers and other staff to potential safety risks that can help improve safety and compliance

TruthPoint has partnered with healthcare organizations across the country that have invested in Patient Ambassador Programs as part of a comprehensive strategy to improve patient experience and quality of care. As such, we have just released a new TruthPoint Solution Paper that illustrates how three partner organizations have operationalized and benefitted from their utilization of Patient Ambassadors and outlines how your organization can set up its own Patient Ambassador Program.