by Tim Travis, President and Co-founderTruthPoint

Our industry is going through the biggest transformation in history while, at the same time, providers and executives are buffeted by the uncertainty around the status of pending healthcare legislation.  Additionally, another undeniable trend is that the treatment of patients is expanding beyond the traditional brick and mortar hospital setting to other locations, including virtual delivery options, that may be best suited to optimize the care that patients receive.

Further, we face significant challenges in making sure that everyone from pediatric to senior patients, and our veterans and active military who have served our nation with honor, receive the high quality care they deserve.  We share an obligation for achieving improved outcomes and controlling costs.  We also ascribe to the principles of the Triple Aim that hospitals must deliver an effective and engaging patient experience that speaks directly to patients and families and exceeds the expectations of today’s health consumers.

Against these winds of change, the commitment to enhancing the experience of care should be our true north—a constant that puts patients and families at the center of care.  Only by listening to the voices of patients are we able to transform that feedback into meaningful actions that will lead to overall improvements in performance, quality and patient experience.

This commitment to patient experience is also why we at TruthPoint are committed to supporting the Beryl Institute and their Patient Experience Conference to be held in Denver, March 20-23. The Beryl Patient Experience Conference is the largest independent, non-provider or vendor-hosted event bringing together the collective voices of healthcare professionals across the globe to convene, engage and expand the dialogue on improving patient experience.

These conversations are ongoing, but taking on increasing urgency as we all wait to see what changes in healthcare policy and government regulations will hold for our organizations and the very important stakeholders we serve. As always, we’re interested in hearing from you about the conversations you’re having and the innovations you’re identifying to streamline processes, reduce costs and boost the quality and efficacy of the care you provide.