Nurse leaders, healthcare administrators and patient experience professionals were in full force this spring for both the AONE Inspiring Leaders conference and The Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience Conference. Having attended both we can attest to the high level of passion and energy that organizers, attendees, exhibitors, speakers and everyone involved brought to these events.

The sessions were invigorating and insightful; exhibitors proudly displayed both familiar and innovative new service offerings. We gained insights and a renewed vigor for our work after speaking with fellow patient experience advocates and pioneers.

We were especially gratified to hear one of our VA client’s presentations: “Creating a Healing Environment: Collecting Real-Time Feedback to Improve Quiet at Night Scores.” VA Palo Alto Health Care System’s story is an extremely compelling example of how passionate caregivers and administrators can come together around a desired process improvement and achieve real results by listening to patients in real time. And not just listening, but acting on what is heard. “Ask. Listen. Get Better.” It’s our tagline and VA Palo Alto’s story is strong evidence of its power.

Perhaps more compelling than their story are the results attained:

VA Palo Alto is not alone in the journey to ensure that the Veteran experience is positive. VA Health Care Systems (VAHCS) around the country are seizing the opportunity to improve the Veteran experience.