Recommended for you: Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2018 from The Beryl Institute

One of the main reasons why we elect to partner with the Beryl Institute is to support their development of relevant knowledge resources and compelling insights from current market research. Those of us deeply involved in the patient experience community—hospitals, resource providers, and individual patients, doctors, nurses and care givers—sometimes think that “everyone” shares our concerns for promoting the patient experience. But do they?

The Beryl Institute put this question to the test and recently published their findings within a large study that addressed: “Do consumers really care about this? How do they see and define a positive patient/family experience? What matters most to them when they think about their own health and using healthcare resources?”

After engaging more than 2000 participants, The Beryl institute has made the full research report available. The report provides significant insights and, taken collectively, helps our community keep patient experience at the forefront of the national healthcare conversation. Some key highlights from the research include:

  • 91% of consumers confirm patient experience is extremely/very important to them overall and is significant to the healthcare decisions they will make
  • 78% of consumers identify their personal health and wellbeing as the primary reason that patient experience is important
  • 69% of consumers believe a good experience contributes to their healing/good health outcomes
  • Consumers affirm that human interactions are most important to them in assessing patient experience, followed by the processes they encounter and then the place in which they receive care
  • Consumers offer that being listened to, communicated to in a way they can understand, and treated with dignity and respect are the three most important factors influencing their experiences
  • 72% of consumers identify recommendations of family and friends as important in their decisions about healthcare