Healthcare is one of those industries that operate 24/7/365. Unlike REI, which has broadly announced its intent to close all of its 143 stores on Black Friday, so employees can spend time with family and friends, healthcare organizations must staff up to meet patient needs at all times.

Healthcare organizations don’t have the luxury of taking time off. For better or worse, a contingent of care providers and ancillary staff must show up for work every day, even over the holidays. In fact, more than show up, they must continue to provide compassionate, exceptional communication and care to the patients and coworkers they serve. That can be difficult to do because, understandably, we’d all prefer to spend the holidays with friends and families.

Consider, though, as a FierceHealthcare article pointed out last year, that patients don’t want to be there either! Their needs and concerns go far beyond not being able to share the holiday turkey over the family dining room table, or not being able to be present to open the presents.

Patients need care providers all year around, of course. During the holidays, though, they may need them even more.

What can you do to show your staff members how much you appreciate the sacrifices they may need to make during the holidays, and to help make their time at work as rewarding as possible?

How are you planning to help your employees get through the holiday season as positively as possible? Share here.

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