Each year, Interbrand, a research firm, analyzes and reports on the top brands from around the globe. Not surprisingly, Apple, Google and Amazon topped the list in 2018 and there’s no debating that they are truly great brands.

But what is it that healthcare organizations have that many big brands don’t?  In the healthcare profession, we serve people at times in their lives when they may be at their most vulnerable—a time when people are facing real fears and uncertainty.

Each day, clinicians, administrators and staff members from our clients’ hospitals and health systems come into direct contact with dozens if not hundreds of patients, family members, and other visitors with the goal of providing compassionate care and a steady, guiding hand. We have the opportunity and unique responsibility to serve, interact with, and engage our customers in ways that most other organizations can’t.

But we need to connect and engage in ways that meet the demands of today’s healthcare consumer and the realities of limited time of healthcare leaders, and it’s not always easy.

The ability, via rounding automation, to capture and act upon direct, personal input in real time is a key to success.  Conducting rounds and capturing the voice of your customers at the point of care transforms rounding from an activity that benefits individual patients into a platform for achieving organizational success. TruthPoint makes it easy and efficient for busy nurse leaders and executives to round and eliminates the time consuming follow-up activities associated with rounding.  The data is clear—consistency is key to the success of any rounding program and when efficiently operationalized will lead to improved patient experience and staff engagement.

Our motto, “It’s more than the questions you ask, it’s what you with the answers,” means that we help you do something with the information you gather. To drive a patient-centric culture and its associated gains in performance improvement and operational excellence, it is vital that relevant, timely, and easy-to use information is delivered directly to each stakeholder that:

  • Enhance the experience of care for every patient and create a reassuring environment for family members
  • Provide immediate service recovery to improve experience and to reduce complaints
  • Create focus and efficiency for efforts to meet specific needs for an individual or a unit while providing trended system-wide data to direct organizational improvement
  • Drive accountability and provide a convenient means of staying informed of performance and performance trends

Even major organizations who have all manner of market research data can struggle to capture meaningful inputs. You don’t have to. Regardless of care setting—whether in the hospital, outpatient clinic, long-term care, or even at home—we can provide you with the real-time data you need to take action to ensure the best possible experiences are provided to your patients.