by Ann Kloth, MBA, RD, Director, Product Management, TruthPoint

TruthPoint Launches Real-time Fully Integrated Rounding & Performance Improvement Healthcare Solution 

Ask. Listen. Get Better. 

At TruthPoint, innovative product design is more than our motto. It’s how we manage each unique client relationship. RapidRoundsPlus was designed around these core principles.

First, we “Asked” our globally recognized healthcare Innovation Partner clients what they needed to accelerate their improvement objectives. Then we “Listened” to their feedback adding unique features such as customized user dashboards for peak efficiency. And now, RapidRoundsPlus is helping TruthPoint clients “Get Better” – faster – by providing real-time, fully integrated workflows and actionable insights; improving visibility and accountability at all levels of an organization; and accelerating outcomes for any rounding or performance improvement initiative.

We are pleased to share with our readers the news that TruthPoint has launched its next generation rounding automation platform, RapidRoundsPlus which provides improved productivity and accountability for virtually any rounding need. Secure and HIPAA compliant, this cloud-based solution can interface with your EMR/ADT or other HIT systems. Coupled with TruthPoint’s proven Performance Excellence practices and industry-recognized Performance Improvement Coaches, RapidRoundsPlus can further streamline any rounding program helping health care clients save time, accelerate results, and sustain improved outcomes across the continuum of care.

Six Benefits of RapidRoundsPlus 

  1. Greater productivity, visibility, and accountability
  2. Automated rounds scheduling and tracking
  3. Built-in Service Requests, recovery, and closeout
  4. Customized user dashboards
  5. Fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based SaaS solution on versatile mobile platform (Apple iOS, Android) with optional ADT/EMR integration
  6. Online and Custom Reporting

RapidRoundsPlus offers the most flexible, cost-effective, intuitive and easy-to-use, rounding productivity and performance management platform for all types of rounds. It seamlessly includes and extends the value of TruthPoint’s proven RapidRounds solution, our IT-independent rounding platform pioneered over 10 years ago, enabling clients to save even more time while driving faster outcome-based performance improvement in real-time.