This week as more than a thousand healthcare professionals descend upon the Hyatt Regency Denver for The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference 2017, there will be a lot of energy in the air and a lot of great ideas floating around—all centered around one shared objective: to continually, and consistently, improve the patient experience.

With significant changes continuing to impact the healthcare industry—from government policies and regulations, to technology impacts—those in the healthcare industry have a lot on their plates. As they attend #PX2017 sessions, it’s likely that many will feel that they’re drinking from a firehose! There are that many great presenters, exhibitors and attendees to meet, greet and learn from.

As Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., president of The Beryl Institute said in the conference brochure, attendees need to have “a readiness to share wildly and steal willingly.” That’s what collaboration in this fast-paced environment is all about.

Here are a few of our recommendations for getting the most out of this exceptional conference:

  • Spend time studying the conference brochure and coming up with your game plan. If you’re new to the conference, take advantage of the First Time Attendee Welcome session on Monday.
  • Review the list of exhibitors to identify those you may already know—and want to stop by to say “hi,” as well as new exhibitors with offerings and information you’d like to check out. (We hope we’ll be on that list; you can find us in the Conference Commons.)
  • Review the list of conference sessions; better yet, if you’ve come with a group, review the list together so you can “divide and conquer”—identifying the sessions most aligned with your current list of to-do’s and strategic priorities back at the office.
  • After each session you attend, take a few minutes to jot down some key points from the presentation that represent actionable items to take back and implement or share with colleagues.
  • Follow #PX2017 before, during and after the conference for opportunities to hear what others have to say and to connect with fellow patient experience advocates!
  • Don’t avoid or overlook the networking events—these are often where the greatest insights and best connections can be made.
  • Stay hydrated and well rested, and look for opportunities to get some exercise to keep yourself refreshed and energized throughout what promises to be a very intense three days of immersion in patient experience insights.
  • Share your feedback about the conference. TruthPoint has provided conference organizers with a feedback tool you can access by opening the PX2017 Mobile App and finding the “Provide Feedback” button.

We’re looking forward to a week of renewing past acquaintances, making new ones and learning from a broad range of passionate patient experience advocates in Denver. Hope to see you there!